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Three years ago, the Plains Quarter Horse Association held their first team sorting event in Gordon Ne. to see what kind of interest and participation this relatively new sport might have. The response was fantastic and so PQHA decided to branch out. We now hold team sortings in Gordon, and Harrison, Ne. and possibly this fall there will be a sorting in Chadron, Ne.

This year we will be having two divisons, as we want this event to be fun for beginners as well as challenging for the more seasoned sorter. There will be a novice and an open division. Also new this year we are offering year end awards for the top three high money winners in both divisons. In order to be eligable for the year end award, you must be a member of PQHA.

These sortings are not sanctioned and therefor we have our own set of rules that are geared for the beginner and to also try and gain more participants and future sorters. For instance, at a regular sanctioned event, for an entry fee, the team goes out and sorts but if they are disqualified they are done. In our events the team gets two chances (goes) for one entry fee. This means that if a team DQs their first time out, they still have another chance to come back and possibly win since we take the fastest time of the day and do not average the times. This seems to even things up and gives a team a chance to learn how to work together at sorting. (They learn from their mistakes). For a complete set of rules cl ick here

If Team Sorting is something that you might like to try, this is a good place to start. There are always contestants looking for team members so if you just show up without a team and would like to give it a try, you will have no problem finding someone to sort with. Entry fees are $30 per team member and remember that includes two goes and you can enter up to three times with different teams.

For more information, you can contact Tom Schumacher